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“Safely Removing Asbestos since 1987”

Wm. Munro Construction (Highland) Limited have been safety removing asbestos in the north of Scotland since their first license was granted by the Health and Safety Executive in 1987. Indeed we were the first company in the north to be permitted to undertake such difficult and dangerous work. Previous clients have ranged from domestic customers with an asbestos roofed garage or asbestos insulated heating system to commercial organisations, local councils and health care authorities who have large scale asbestos removal programmes.

Whilst asbestos removal is a high hazard operation, with our wealth of experience, modern equipment, fully trained teams and utilising the latest stripping techniques, we can successfully complete the work with no risk to personal health.

Asbestos containing materials we can safely remove, include

  • Asbestos Cement Roof Cladding and Rain Water Goods
  • Asbestos Cement Pipework (High Pressure Water mains)
  • Asbestos Containing Decorative Coatings & Mouldings
  • Asbestos Vinyl Floor Coverings & Adhesive
  • Asbestos Reinforced Felt (Roof Coverings & Damp Proof Course)
  • Asbestos Flash Guards
  • Asbestos Ropes, Yarns & Textiles
  • Asbestos Insulating Board
  • Asbestos Thermal Insulation (Pipe Laggings, Sprayed Asbestos Insulation)
  • Loose Asbestos Fill

We also specialise in

  • Asbestos Encapsulation (sealing to prevent fibre release)
  • Emergency Asbestos Containment (accidental, fire or water damage)

All asbestos removal contracts are subject to detailed planning and preparation, site specific risk assessments are undertaken and a fully detailed removal plan devised.

The first step is always to determine that you do have asbestos, indeed this is a legal requirement for commercially occupied facilities. Munros are happy to assist with our trained and experienced asbestos surveyors, who shall visit your home or premises, take samples of suspect materials for laboratory analysis and report on their findings and advise on the best course of action.

Asbestos products do not necessarily need to be removed, many asbestos products are completely safe as long as they are in good condition and left undisturbed. Munros are happy to provide environmental cleaning and encapsulation of the asbestos products as well as regular deterioration monitoring.

For more information on our asbestos services please call, 08000 807870.

Asbestos Licence – (PDF file, opens in new window)

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