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“Striving to Achieve Zero Waste to Landfill”

At Munros we understand the effects the modern world is having on our Environment and the pressure businesses are under to reduce their environmental impact.

Munros are the leading provider of waste recycling services to businesses, corporate enterprises and local authorities in the north of Scotland.

With 15 years waste recycling experience and a state of the art recycling centre at our Beechwood Waste Transfer Station, Evanton, 20 miles north of Inverness, we can collect and recycle co-mingled materials such as mixed paper, plastic of all types , cans, cardboard, textiles from shops, businesses and education facilities.

Our state of the art recycling centre consists of sorting belts, trommel screens, shredders, over band magnets, eddie current separators, wind shifters, baling facilities and is designed to separate co-mingled materials into their specific types, with a recovery rate of 97% leaving only 3% to be disposed of at landfill.

Our Beechwood Waste Transfer Station also has the Highlands only plasterboard recycling facility, where segregated waste plasterboard is milled to separate the gypsum from the paper coverings, the gypsum powder is further processed to become an agricultural soil conditioner whilst the paper is baled and dispatched for recycling into further paper based products giving a 100% recovery rate.

Also at our Beechwood Waste Transfer Station we have the Highlands only ‘In Vessel Composting Facility’ where materials such as food waste, animal by products and green waste are shredded and processed under controlled conditions into agricultural grade compost, also giving a 100% recovery rate.

Within our Alness depot we operate a timber shredding facility, where clean waste timber is shredded and processed to give clean timber chips suitable for cattle bedding and temporary roads and also nitrogen free mulch for horticultural use.

Watch our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle video as seen on the Highland Council’s website!

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Key Services

  • Co-mingled and Segregated Material Collection
  • Material Sorting & Recycling
  • Recycling Container Hire (from internal office collection points to 50 yard3 containers)
  • Security Shredding
  • Material Baling
  • Waste Recycling Audits & Staff Training

For more information on our Commercial Waste Recycling, please call 08000 807870

Our Service Range

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